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When shopping for windows and doors, you need informative tools that help you make the right decisions. Below you can calculate your savings, learn window terminology, and more!

Window Buyer’s Guide to Window & Glass Terms
No more wondering what “u-factor” and “low-emissivity” mean. All the window jargon has been translated into layman’s terms for you here.

Comparison Check List (PDF DOWNLOAD)

AzCoat Colors
With the revolutionary new AzCoat color coating system from Affordable Windows, you have a choice of 12 designer colors. One is sure to match your home. When you choose AzCoat you are choosing a high performance system featuring a multi coat application of heat reflective pigments. A process formulated specifically for Affordable Windows and our Elite Series of windows and doors.

GG3 Layered Illustration of Low Emmisivity Glass Window Frame, Glass and Spacer illustration on Energy Efficient Window