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Monday November 30th, 2015

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Window Anatomy 101
We’ve taken our most popular window, the double hung, and given you an interactive education on the different parts of the window – the names, what they do, and how they add up to a truly spectacular product.

Roll your mouse pointer over the blue dots to learn about the different parts of the Affordable Window.

Fusion Welded Corners

Not all frames and sashes for all windows are made the same. Some manufacturers use screws and glue to fasten the windows together. Those windows are more likely to leak air and water and come apart over time. Fusion welding provides a much stronger, tighter, and longer-lasting window. Affordable Windows uses a 8-point fusion welding process that ensures the window ends up square and level. Fusion welding turns the vinyl into a semi-solid state, then the corners are pushed together to form one piece that bonded on a molecular level.

Not only does Affordable Windows use a 8-point welding process, we also produce the sashes of double hung and sliders with double-stacking technology. This means that both sashes are welded at the same time, ensuring they perfectly match each other for a tighter-sealing window.

Neat Glass

Naturally Clean Longer - A permanent coating of titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide, let the sun and rain help keep your windows clean.

Window Balances

There are three types of window balances in use in the window industry. Coil balances, similar to a tape measure, have to be strung together for different sizers of windows, which means there’s more of a chance for problems to develop. Spiral balances, which tend to lose effectiveness unless cleaned and lubricated every 6 months to a year, are a better choice. Both the coil and spiral systems are tested for a 10-12,000 cycle (one full rotation of moving the sash up and down) durability.

The best balance system is the block and tackle system that Affordable uses. The block and tackle system is tested for over 33,000 cycles - that’s the equivalent of you opening and closing your window every day for over 90 years! Part of our block and tackle system’s durability is due to the military-grade nylon cord that’s used. But as well as out balance performs, we know you don’t want to look at it, so we use a balance cover that perfectly matches our window frame for a beautiful uniform look.


All of the Elite Series of windows feature convenient night vent latches that allow you to open your window a few inches and allow a breeze through while still keeping unwanted visitors out.

AzCoat Colors

Color is a matter of choice... Yours. With the revolutionary new AzCoat color coating system from Affordable Windows, you have a choice of 12 designer colors. One is sure to match your home.

When you choose AzCoat you are choosing a high performance system featuring a multi coat application of heat reflective pigments.

A process formulated specifically for Affordable Windows and our Elite Series of windows and doors.

AzCoat exceeds all environmental standards and is backed by a comprehensive warranty.

AzCoat utilizes a heat reflective pigment that minimizes heat gain even for dark colors.

Interlock & Weatherstripping

Many windows claim to be air-tight, but the
question is how much? Affordable Windows uses
50% more weather stripping than most windows
on the market, and our air infiltration test rates
prove how effective extra weather stripping is. For example,
we have three strips of weather stripping around our sashes,
where most windows only have two. And our air infiltration rate
is one of the lowest in the industry - we test at a .03. That
means we do a better job at keeping drafts out than most
windows out there, and we can say with confidence that our
windows are air-tight.

Tilt to Clean Feature

Affordable Windows double hung tilt in for easy cleaning. All you have to do is lift the sash 2-3 inches, push the tilt latches on either side towards the center and pull the top of the sash towards you. Our ergonomically tilt latches are flush-mounted into the sash for less obtrusive look.


The lock is the cornerstone of any windows security. Affordable Windows uses a recessed locking system that allows us to incorporate a full interlock. This system gives our window unsurpassed security along with an airtight seal.

Narrow Frame

By utilizing a hybrid vinyl, which is much stronger than a traditional PVC, we are able to use less material thus creating a much more narrow window frame.

With a window frame as much as 1 1/2” less than the majority of the windows currently available, you will be able to maintain that southwestern appeal of your home.

H/D Screen

If you’ve ever had to bother with window screens before, you may have noticed that most are pretty flimsy and easily bent or broken. Some are even difficult to get in and out of the frame. Not Affordable - we use a self-tensioning spring that holds the screen securely in place and also makes it easier to remove and insert. And we’ve solved the flimsy frame problem, too. We use an extruded aluminum, stronger than the pressed aluminum of most screens, for the frame; and instead of a plastic corner key, we use a heavy duty aluminum one that is hydraulically stamped for higher screen frame strength and rigidity.

Energy Max Glass

Modern Double Pane Sealed Insulated Glass Units were created over 50 years ago and, over that time, the materials to make insulated glass have steadily evolved so that units could be made to last longer and insulate better. Energy Max Glass, is the next step in the evolution of insulated glass units, provides the best value and thermal performance in windows, and is the exclusive spacer system used in the construction of Affordable Windows.