Geometric Windows


  • 2 ⅞” frame (Ideal for replacing old windows)
  • Available with Infinite Plus or QuadraTherm high performance glazing systems
  • Optional designer frame colors
  • Can be used to create stunning combination windows

All luxury and premium Anlin replacement windows are built with one of two exclusive Glazing Systems: Infinit-e Plus™ (standard) High Performance Glazing System or QuadraTherm™ (optional) Ultimate Dual Pane Insulation System. Both lead the industry in thermal performance.

As an industry leader in manufacturing energy efficient windows, Anlin is proud to publish thermal performance data for all of our windows. The numbers shown here are the results of the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) independent standardized testing of our windows for the two most important measurements. The first is the Total Unit U-Factor, which is the amount of heat that transfers through the window. The second is the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), which is the amount of solar radiation that transfers through the window. For both measurements, lower numbers equate to higher energy efficiency. As you can see, Anlin windows deliver energy savings you can count on.


Window & Insulated Glass System Total Unit U-Factor Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
QuadraTherm w/ Argon Gas0.210.23
Infinit-E Plus w/ Argon Gas0.250.24
Infinit-E Plus w/o Argon Gas0.300.24

All Anlin Infinit-e Plus and QuadraTherm insulated glass systems have been tested to block the transmittance of ultraviolet (UV) light by 95%.

Grid Styles & Patterns

Grid Styles

5/8" Flat
5/8" Sculptured
1" Sculptured


  • A narrow frame and wider viewing area provides up to 40% more daylight than wide-frame windows.
  • Standard double-strength ProSolar Low E glass with Argon gas.
  • High efficiency glass packages are available for maximum comfort.
  • Multiple frame styles to meet every installation and architectural need.
  • Available with Decorum® s exterior colors, hardware finishes and a wide selection of decorative glass options.
  • Residential Lifetime Limited Warranty that covers parts and labor and is transferrable for a second lifetime.

Simonton DaylightMax™ windows offer less frame and more glass to provide more natural sunlight and open view. The unique frame design provides maximum energy efficiency that helps you reduce your heating and cooling costs.
Regionally specific ENERGY STAR® glass packages are available to meet guidelines set for all regions of the country.

Grid Styles & Patterns

Sculptured 1"
Sculptured 3/4"
Sculptured Brass 3/4"
Flat 5/8"

Double Sun Starburst
Double Sunbar
Double Sunburst

Sun Starburst