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Why Choose Us

Because at Affordable Windows we specialize in energy-efficient windows and doors made to last in Arizona. Unlike national window manufactures, Affordable Windows focuses exclusively on the state of Arizona, tailoring our products to meet the specific needs for our climate. Much of the United States does not experience the extreme temperatures and monsoons of Arizona. By specializing in windows that specifically address these various issues, Affordable Windows is able to provide Arizona homeowners with the best windows and doors for your home.

Energy Efficient tax credits

Upgrading your home’s windows or doors with more energy efficient products will save you money on your heating and cooling costs, but it can also qualify you for some great rebates and tax credits.

Of the two available programs, the recently renewed federal tax credit is the largest. Under the “American Taxpayer Relief Act,” Arizona homeowners can receive a tax credit for 10% of cost of their new windows and doors. The credit can be up to $500, but there is a $200 cap for windows alone. This credit applies to purchases of replacement windows and door which meet or exceed the Energy Star efficiency standards for your US region.

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