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About 3-Lite Slider Windows

With its narrower frame that allows more sunlight, 3-Lite slider windows are cost-efficient and a good choice to reduce your energy bills. There’s no guesswork with 3-Lite slider windows for homeowners. Each piece is made with heavy-duty interlocking sashes and weather stripping. This makes it more efficient protection against intense outdoor elements including dust, bugs, rain and hail.

The pull rail feature makes it easy to operate. The simple yet economical sliding design is durable and requires minimal maintenance. It doesn’t use any spring or pulley that easily gets worn out.

The 3-lite sliding design is an excellent choice in Arizona due to its aesthetic value paired with quality and weather durability. The airtight stripping makes it weatherproof, thus allowing the window to last longer than other designs and low-quality models. And with the slide function that allows you to open the window further than other solutions, better ventilation can be achieved.

Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors?

With proven excellence in the Valley as an installer, supplier and replacement service, Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors is guaranteed to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Their 20 years of experience in property remodeling industry is the foundation of their work.

The window experts from Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors designs and installs the windows. This way, the service is tailored to your property. Their staff will accommodate your request: be it about the color, material, size, budget, and more. Window replacement Gilbert AZ has never been this easier and convenient.

Their non-invasive service is paired with competitive pricing to let more households and properties experience the benefits of 3-Lite sliding windows.

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Advantages of 3-Lite Slider Windows

If you’re in need of a window replacement, here are some of the advantages of sliding windows:

  1. Easy operation
    Instead of swinging it open, a slider home window replacement will use sliding sashes instead. These are easier to operate and less likely to get stuck on the window pane. Slider windows are also versatile and can come in multiple sashes.

  2. Unobstructed view
    A slider window installation will allow you to soak your eyes on the outdoor scenery, regardless if the window is open or closed. Slider windows come in different sizes so you can fit it in on your home.

  3. Low maintenance
    Since a slider window replacement has less moving parts, it won’t require intensive maintenance. If installed properly, this window will be squeaky clean in just a few wipes. It’s better than traditional windows that can get rusty and mired with muck.

  4. Energy-efficient
    Slider windows have less moving parts which allow it to be sealed with weatherstripping. It effectively contains cold or hot air inside while blocking the outdoor temperature from entering. Also, this window offers better lighting and ventilation that cuts electricity bills.

  5. Long-lasting
    Slider windows don’t have springs and pulley that can wear over time. With the use of sliders, this window can last for years. Window glazing will also extend its lifespan for more years.

During window installation, durable materials will be used. This can withstand intense heat, cold, and even impact.
If you are in need of a window replacement, call Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors to get the best value for your money.

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