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Geometric Replacement Windows in Mesa

Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors is your window contractor for a variety of specially shaped windows. Known as geometric windows, these are vinyl windows that can add to the architectural style of your home to create that signature look. They add appeal and attractiveness to your home. Even a small half-round window makes a huge statement to your curb appeal. A geometric window can really integrate your personal touch for your home’s style. Whether you’re adding that special touch to a modern home or keeping up with the look of your historic home, these uniquely shaped windows work perfectly! As a Phoenix homeowner, you can use these windows as a stand-alone focal point, or paired with other windows.

Why Geometric Windows?

Do you have a unique look in mind? Maybe a geometric window is just what you need so your Phoenix home can stand apart from all those other stucco homes throughout the valley. With over 15 styles and shapes to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect window that highlights your home with a welcoming appeal. To many, it comes as a surprise to find that these shaped windows are also available as operational windows! Yes, that is correct, you can have a beautiful custom shaped window, and still enjoy the fresh air to enter as you please! Beauty and convenience? What more could you ask for! Ask your sales representative about Shaped-Top Single Hung Windows!

Benefits of Geometric Windows

  • More natural light: The more natural light entering your home, the more inviting each room will feel. Adding an arch above a 2-lite slider, or even a vinyl single hung, will allow much more light to enter your home

  • Create that signature look: By adding a geometric window, you are able to turn an ordinary window, to a state-of-the-art, architecturally unique statement for your home. Each uniquely shaped window, be it a half arch, full circle, or maybe even a trapezoid, will draw attention to the room, thus making it a prime focus in the homes design.

  • Grand Arizona views: If you’re one of many homeowners that have a vaulted ceiling, then adding a custom geometric shaped window to follow your roof line, can enhance the natural lines of the room, and can achieve that “floor to ceiling” look, enabling you to be able to enjoy the spectacular Arizona sunset and views. These windows add a lasting impression to any home.

  • Energy Efficient: Regardless of the shape or style, all windows offered by Affordable Windows are energy efficient, exceeding all energy star ratings!

  • Warranty: We know your replacement windows are important, and that is why all of our window partners, Simonton, Amerimax and Anlin windows, offer lifetime guarantees.

What window shapes are available in Phoenix?

As a Phoenix homeowner, you can select the size and shape to enhance the personality of the opening and enlighten the home with these custom shaped windows. Geometric windows are custom made by bending the vinyl frames into various shapes with the application of intense heat to make them pliable. After cooling, the frames permanently retain their new shapes. Geometric windows are available in these designs:

Half & Full Crescent
Octagon w/ Extended Edges
Cathedral with Extended Edges
Eyebrow with Extended Edges
Circle Top
Half & Full Circle
Hexagon w/ Extended Edges
Pentagon Left/Right
Half & Full Oval
Irregular Triangle
Quarter Arch
Equilateral Pentagon
Half Eyebrow
Isosceles Triangle
Quarter Arch with Extended Edges
Equilateral Triangle
Half Eyebrow w/ Extended Edges



Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors?

Affordable Windows has over 30 years’ experience in the industry, being recognized as one of the leading window providers here in Arizona due to our knowledge and expertise when it comes to window and door replacements. Specifically, geometric windows take more understanding and skill sets to install, than your basic, square window. Here at Affordable Windows, we follow all of Arizona building codes and make sure your windows are installed the right way, the first time around!


“Affordable windows did a great job on our window installation.  We had A LOT of windows to do and they got the job done in 3 days and the installers were AMAZING.  They worked well together, were clean and spoke ENGLISH, which I loved because then I could talk to them about any concerns I had!  Our windows look great now and the inside of our house by the windows is SO MUCH COOLER, it’s amazing what a difference it makes.  This company has been super easy to work with and is committed to customer service. Anytime I’ve called they have been SUPER helpful.  We’ll for sure recommend them to friends and we are even considering getting french doors with them now! 🙂”

- Heather B. (Yelp Reviewer)

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