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Security Doors for Arizona

  1. Security – The most important benefit. A premium security door by Titan will help deter break-ins.

  2. Safety- A properly installed security door will not only keep unwanted visitors out, it will also help to secure your children and pets.

  3. Energy Saving- During Arizona’s more pleasant weather months, a security door allows you to keep your main door open for a cross ventilation while maintaining safety for your family.

  4. Weather Protection- Your new Titan security door will protect your beautiful entry door from our harsh desert climate.

  5. Strength and Durability- All security doors offered by Affordable Windows are made from an architectural alloy which is up to 6 times stronger than steel.

  6. Curb Appeal- With over 40 different designs and 12 popular colors, a unique and secure titan door will add beauty and value to your home.

  7. Lifetime Warranty- Rust free and structurally warranted for a lifetime.

Security Screens for windows and doors

Along with premium security doors, we also offer a full line of security products including security window screens, storm doors, window guards, and sliding screen doors.



While the meshtec screen may look like an everyday insect screen, these screens cannot be cut with a knife, nor could a burglar with a sledgehammer be able to enter through the meshtec.

Meshtec security doors and windows are a top rated, quality product that will help you protect your family without sacrificing our beautiful Arizona views.

To schedule a free, no obligation estimate, please call us at (480) 447-5602. We look forward to assisting you with all of your security needs!

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