Bay Windows Features and Benefits

Like garden windows, bay windows in Mesa have an outward projecting center that adds an essence of space to the room. It has three parts namely the center, which is the widest, and the two sides.

All of these parts are joined in 30 to 45-degree angles. This allows a better view of the outdoors while welcoming more sunlight.

The center part and the sides are commonly fixed in place. With this, bay window replacement in Phoenix, AZ may not provide the benefit of ventilation. Still, some installers may use vertical sliders upon the request of the client.

Usually, bay window replacements in Gilbert, AZ are done in living rooms and vast indoor spaces. For large bedrooms, bay windows are also a great addition.

For properties located in a breath-taking vantage point, it’s almost imperative to install bay window replacement in Chandler, AZ

Garden Windows in Phoenix - Improve the View

Garden windows in Mesa are another example of specialty windows. It sports an outward projecting front that lets in more sunlight into the room. This also makes the room appear wider.

Usually, garden window replacements in Phoenix, AZ have three parts. The center section, which is the largest part, is fixed and non-operable. Meanwhile, the two sides utilize single-hung sliders for better ventilation.

Garden window replacements in Gilbert, AZ are used as a place to nurture indoor plants. It typically comes with a shelf in the middle where more plants can be placed for decorative purposes.

A garden window replacement in Chandler, AZ is typically installed in kitchens which are usually facing the sun. Still, this can be installed to just about any room.

This is a great way to upgrade a house with minimal storage spaces and those that have small kitchens. Garden windows in Mesa are one of the most unique types but Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors can provide this with utmost quality.

Bow Windows in Phoenix - Give Your Home a New Look

Similar to bay windows, bow windows in Mesa have multiple panels joined together. This allows more light into the room. But unlike the bay windows, bow windows have a rounded or circular look.

With this design, the windows allow more natural light but the panels are fixed so there’s no benefit of ventilation. Still, a customized type can be modified with the addition of sliding side windows.

It’s classy, modern, and best for small rooms as it provides depth and sense of space. Bow window replacement Phoenix, AZ will be customized to your home, with the panels joined at varying angles depending on the size of the windows.

You can also install a focus light on top of the bow window replacement Gilbert, AZ. This is so you can showcase a statue or other precious décor. Please note this is not a service that we provide, but it is easily done by yourself.

A bow window replacement Chandler, AZ is usually installed on larger wall space. It will be protruding on your exterior wall so a little space is needed.

Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors?

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Advantages of Bow Windows

1. Added space inside your home
As for window replacements in Mesa, AZ, bow windows have an outwardly protruding structure. This will allow you to enjoy additional space inside your home. It will make your property look breathable, especially if it’s a little short in indoor floor area.

2. Increased natural lighting
Do you want more light to enter your home? Bow window installations in Tucson will let you enjoy more light to reduce your energy bills. However, unlike bay windows, bow windows have fixed panels which deprive you of natural ventilation.

3. Window seat for relaxation
Thanks to the protruding area of bow windows, you will have an instant reading nook in your home. You can use it as a casual seating area to watch the rain or the stars or to take nice pictures.

This will is also added space where you can place potted plants or use it as a bookshelf. Bow windows give you a flexible and decorative window.

4. Better home value
By installing new bow windows, your home will have a higher market value. This is excellent if you’re planning to sell your property in the future.
It will also be easier to sell a house with new windows. Buyers are more likely to be interested in newly renovated homes than one with squeaking windows.

5. Improved appeal of your property
Do you want to improve the look and overall appeal of your home? A bow window replacement in Tucson, AZ will give you this benefit.

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