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About Picture Windows in Mesa

There is no better way to let the beautiful outdoor views into our home, than a picture window. Vinyl picture windows are designed not to open and close; the glass is affixed to the frame. This makes it one of the most energy efficient windows due to the restriction of air infiltration and water penetration. The stationary design makes these windows extremely energy efficient. All our highly engineered vinyl frames can easily support the heavy glass required for very large picture windows, commonly found throughout Phoenix homes.

Picture windows have lots of benefits but Phoenix homeowners like them mostly due to their ability to capture the beautiful Arizona scenery. These windows provide abundant light, a spacious view, plus with the right glass for the harsh desert climates, provides year-round home energy savings. These windows are best suited in areas where you want to allow more light into the house.

Picture Windows in Phoenix

What Are the Benefits of Picture Windows in Phoenix?

  1. Cost-Effective – With the lack of moving parts, picture windows are the least costly windows to manufacture, thus allowing Affordable Windows to pass along those savings to all of Maricopa County households.

  2. Natural Lighting – This is the best option if your home is in need of natural lighting. Their open design makes them ideal for illuminating your room. The windows come in different sizes and shapes. However, even the smallest windows will still bring light into your room, all day. With this, you’ll depend less on artificial lighting, reducing your utility bills.

  3. You Get an Unobstructed View – Picture windows offer an unparalleled view of the outdoors. As a homeowner, you can use the size of your window to control what will be seen. Use these windows to fill your house with the natural beauty around your home.

  1. Energy Efficient Glass – All of the picture windows offered by Affordable Windows have numerous options and glass packages available, such as LowE 366 and LowE 340 glass. Along with the best glass for our hot Arizona summers, all picture windows are available in double pane or triple pane units, filled with argon gas or krypton gas. Every single picture window we carry meets or exceeds Energy Star ratings.

  2. Lifetime Warranty – All windows offered by Affordable Windows comes standard with a lifetime warranty that includes hermetically sealed glass units, also known as insulated glass unit ( IGU ) . We also guarantee the vinyl frames will not warp, pit, corrode or blister, along with the color to remain true for the life of your home.

  3. Engineering – Our fusion welded frames provide structural integrity. Our double strength glass is 4x stronger than standard glass.




“Affordable windows did an amazing job on all my windows! I can already tell the big difference they make, and I can’t wait till the summer time! What I liked best was their customer service experience! From the first day our representative made us feel so comfortable and at ease. They were budget friendly and they provided us with a free estimate! When the installers came, they were so friendly, and you can tell they really took pride in their work. I would recommend Affordable Windows to everyone.”

- Ruby H. (houzz Reviewer)

Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors?

Picture windows are an amazing investment for your home. Affordable Windows offers many different window shapes, frame colors, glass types and even privacy glass to match any Arizona home style. We take pride in our work and are determined to deliver superior service to all of our clients valley-wide! We treat each client like a member of our family and guide them in the right direction for all their home improvement needs.

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