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Casement Windows in Phoenix - A New Age of old-Fashioned Values

Casement windows in Mesa have a simple, picture frame-like design. This usually has a hinged opening that swings open in an outward manner. Casement windows can be large but with only a single glass panel per frame.

This is best to utilize the view and letting more sunlight to enter the room. Casement window replacement Phoenix, AZ can also be used for ventilation if cracked open.

Basically, a casement window replacement Gilbert, AZ is similar to awning windows. But unlike the latter, casement types are hinged on the sides and not on top.

The good thing about a casement window replacement Chandler, AZ is it’s easy to operate using the single crank. It’s also modern and comes in a variety of colors.

Take note, though, that casement windows in Mesa need extra space from the outside to swing open. Overall, this window type can be installed in the ground level of multi-storey homes.

About Awning Windows in Phoenix

Awning windows allow added ventilation even during light rains. With a sash that swings from the bottom, awning windows serve as a shade when opened. Its construction also provides more sunlight to enter the property with an unhindered view.

Awning windows in Phoenix features a crank to open or lock the window like most window designs. Since it can be operated with one hand, awning windows are a great choice for window replacement in Gilbert, AZ. It suits hard-to-reach areas like the top of the kitchen sink and narrow attic spaces.

With its maximized glass portion, the window will have an uncluttered and sleek look. This is great for properties with minimalist themes. As a simple yet elegant window replacement in Chandler, AZ, awning windows are bold choices to add character to this part of your property.

Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors?

From simple window replacement in Mesa to sophisticated awning windows, Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors can provide what you’re looking for. We can give you the best value for your budget so you can enjoy awning windows in Phoenix and more options.

Our 20 years of experience in the industry is proof to our unwavering attention to detail and dedication to quality. We customize windows based on your requests and what suits your property. From choosing the best design to installation, we will be with you all the way. We will see to it that the installation will be the least invasive so your household can resume its course.

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Advantages of Awning Windows in Phoenix

Here are some of the advantages of investing in awning windows in Phoenix:

1. Weatherproof construction
Awning windows have a hinged top which allows it to open in an awning effect. With this, you can still open the window even if it’s raining. It has very little leakage and will still allow ventilation even during harsh outdoor conditions. These window replacements Phoenix, AZ reduce the risk of water entering your home.

2. Ideal for high wind locations
Thanks to its full perimeter pressure seal, awning windows have better insulation which makes it perfect for high-wind locations. The same seal reduces external noise. Overall, the awning window design is perfect for high-quality glass options. Its insulation also makes it an energy-efficient choice.

3. Can be placed on high or low walls
Awning windows are versatile options. It can be placed just about anywhere and in any height. Households who want to achieve better ventilation and lighting will install groups of awning windows side by side. This window installation Phoenix is also a safe choice if you’re undecided on the look you want to give your home.

4. Suits a variety of home designs
Awning windows are classic picks but it still suits modern home designs. And since this window can be made from different materials, it becomes a more flexible choice for a window replacement.

5. Can be locked in place
Awning windows can be locked close or open so you can let air in without worrying about the window flapping in the air. This also allows you to enjoy added ventilation without risking the security of your property.


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