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About Double Hung Windows in Gilbert

With two sashes that can move up and down, double hung windows allow easier cleaning and more ventilation as compared to the single hung type. Double hung windows in Gilbert are one of the most sought-after replacements due to its excellent construction, affordable cost, and durability.

As an effort to promote energy efficiency and lower cooling or heating costs, window replacements in Phoenix, AZ are done with the double hung design. Here are more benefits of installing double hung windows:

An excellent window for second-floor windows
Dust seals that reduce indoor air pollution
Tilting sashes for easy cleaning
Double ventilation as compared to single hung windows

Window replacements in Chandler, AZ often use double-hung type since it is the new and current trend. Since it’s airtight, there’s no problem when it comes to retaining cool or warm air inside.

About Double Slider Windows in Phoenix

The double slider windows in Mesa have two operable panels. Both can be moved horizontally which allows more freedom for the homeowner to choose what sash to open.

A double slider window replacement Phoenix, AZ is very common and most houses will come with originally built sets.

Usually, a double slider window replacement Gilbert, AZ is installed on the living room or family rooms. This is an excellent choice for optimal ventilation and natural lighting.

However, since both panels can be operated, this is more prone to wear and tear. Still, a reliable company like Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors can use materials that will last for years.

Take note that a double slider window replacement Chandler, AZ will require more horizontal space. Still, this is a great option for homes with limited vertical space.

Depending on the request of the customer, the frame material for double slider windows in Mesa can be customized. It can be made from aluminum, wood, or vinyl.

Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors?

Window replacements in Mesa can boost your living space and quality of life. This is exactly the same benefit that Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors will bring to your property. With more than two decades of expertise in window installation and replacement, our products and services are guaranteed to surpass your expectations.

Our licensed, trained, insured, and bonded window experts will cater to your requests and customization needs. You know your property more than we do, so we welcome any requests when it comes to our window replacement or installation service.

Our service has reached homes and properties across Arizona with 100% satisfaction. Call us and your property would be the next one to experience the benefit of our service!



Advantages of Double Hung Windows in Gilbert

Here are some of the advantages of double hung windows in Gilbert if you’re planning to avail one:

1. More ventilation
Since its two sashes can tilt inward, this type of window allows more airflow and light into your house. It’s great for households located in areas where temperatures can go in extremes. And since it tilts inward, you don’t have to think about extra space outdoors to operate this window.

2. Easy cleaning
Thanks to its double tilting sashes, cleaning the glass parts of these window replacements Gilbert, AZ is a total breeze. You no longer have to climb ladders or use tools. Just a good wipe will make this window clean. It’s also low in maintenance which makes it a top choice among busy households.

3. A versatile choice
Double hung windows can come in different size, material, color, and style. This allows you to blend it in on your home’s theme. You can even opt for aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, or wood depending on your budget and the durability level that you want to achieve.

4. Energy efficient
Since double hung windows allow natural ventilation and lighting, homeowners can expect lower energy bills with this window. And although it has a tilting design, it seals properly when closed. This reduces leaks of cold or hot air when your HVAC unit is running.

5. Screen and AC-friendly
Double hung windows tilt inward which allows you to install window AC units or screens if you’re worried about bugs and mosquitoes entering your home. During window installation Gilbert, this window can hold AC units safely.

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