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About Single Hung Windows

Looking to replace your home windows? Single-hung windows are a common selection with numerous benefits.

Single hung windows have two sashes. A window sash is the part of the window that holds the glass and the framework around the glass to keep it in place. Window sashes are fitted into the window frame and may or may not be movable. The bottom sash raises up vertically, while the other sash is fixed in place. Single Hung windows are the most common windows on the market today and they are commonly used in living rooms and kitchens.  Single hung windows can be used as a stand-alone window, or paired together with another single hung, or even picture window combinations. These windows are a great choice when horizontal wall space is limited.

About Single Hung Windows in Phoenix

Benefits of Single Hung Windows

1. Highly Secure – A single hung window opens in one direction, minimizing the points of failure on the window locking system. We also offer a great safety feature on our windows called the Auto Lock, which locks itself once the sash is lowered to the bottom of the window frame track.

2. Highly Durable –. A single hung window incorporates less moving parts, therefore these windows are designed to last a lifetime. Our manufacturing partners only use the highest grade materials when fabricating the windows, thus ensuring long-lasting and high-durability window frames. All of our hung windows utilize a constant force balance system, assisting you with the weight of the sash as you open up and close your window.

3. Energy Efficient – With only one moving sash, there’s less opportunity for air to infiltrate your house; that coupled with the highest-grade weather stripping on the market, keeps your home cleaner and easier to maintain. Reducing the amount of air infiltrating your home also reduces the energy you need to heat or cool your house. The result is lower cooling and heating bills. With less air, the chances of moisture forming in your house are also reduced thus decreasing the risk of mold, mildew, water rotting, and water damage. These factors, married with the best heat reflective glass for Arizona, LowE 366 or LowE 340, makes these single hung windows the most energy efficient windows on the marketplace.

4. Easy Cleaning – Every single hung window provided by Affordable Windows offers a very handy feature developed for easy cleaning purposes! The bottom sash has the ability to tilt in, so you can clean the outside of the glass, without going outside and removing your screen.

5. Warranty – Every single hung comes standard with a double lifetime transferrable material warranty.



Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors For Your Single Hung Windows?

Affordable Windows is your best source for high quality single hung windows in the entire valley of the sun. All of our single hung windows are offered at affordable prices and we never use high pressure sales tactics. We employ all of our own in-house installation teams, whom have been rigorously trained to uphold our highest standards of expectations. Our installation technicians are detail oriented and take pride in their workmanship; thus meaning they will do it right it right the first time! Rest assured, your windows will be installed by code, level, square and plumb. We are licensed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, we are bonded and carry full general liability, as well as workman’s comp insurance. If you’re in the market for single hung windows, we would love the opportunity to earn your business with a FREE, no obligation window quote! Contact us to schedule your free consultation by calling us at 480-561-1537 or just click here to fill out an online request!


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