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About Sliding Patio Doors with Pet Doors

You and your dog need to experience the freedom that comes along with owning a vinyl sliding patio door with a built in pet door. You will never again have to feel rushed to hurry home from the office, store, school or leisure time to let your dog out back to take care of his business.

Special Pet Door Features

1. Quality: Not only is this product made from high-quality, long lasting materials, but the quality of life it brings to your pup is priceless. They now have the freedom to run around and get their much needed exercise for the day while you are out and about!

2. Safety: No sharp edges to hurt your pup while going in and out, all by themselves. This door also provides the security of protection, as your trusty companion and guard dog is able to ward off unwelcomed visitors possibly entering your back yard.

3. Security: impact resistant security covers with a positive action lock, also known as an auto lock.

4. Efficiency and Weather Protection: all pet doors come standard with double flaps, heavy weather stripping and a strong, magnetic connection. The wind will not blow open the flaps and stops any possible insect intrusion.

5. Peaceful Nights: No more discussion on which one of you will have the honor of letting your fluffy family member out to relieve themselves or explore and bark at flies every hour.

6. Warranty: Every Sliding Patio Door with a built in pet door, comes with the same, wonderful lifetime warranty as all of Affordable Windows patio doors offer. Check out our warranty information under the “Homeowner Support” tab for specific details!  



Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors?

Investing in a pet door is the best thing you can do for your animal. Which sliding patio door with a pet door is right for your home and your animal? Our experienced installation team at Affordable Windows can help you determine which products are best for you!

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