Different Types of Patio Doors - [April, 2021]

For households that enjoy hosting summer pool parties or backyard barbeques, homeowners want to invest in the perfect method of entry. The wrong patio door can

For households that enjoy hosting summer pool parties or backyard barbeques, homeowners want to invest in the perfect method of entry. The wrong patio door can be a huge nuisance in times when it is frequently used. When it is time to install a new or replace an existing one, different types of patio doors have various functions and qualities that can best fit any lifestyle or occasion.

Different Types of Patio Doors

The different types of patio doors mentioned in this article include sliding doors, folding patio doors and swinging and French patio doors.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are probably the most popular for its affordability and easy use. By simply just sliding open the large glass window, you can let in fresh air and provide an easy entry for special occasions that are held outside. A swinging door would be a nuisance during these situations.

While the door is closed, a glass sliding door acts as a window and can let in an abundance of natural light into the home, which can make a room inviting and appear much larger. Sliding patio doors are generally made with glass and some are made with a Low-E glass that is energy efficient. Low-E glass has a special coating that blocks UV rays (similar to sunglasses) to protect carpet and furniture fading from sunlight. The UV ray protection will still allow sunlight to enter the room while keeping the room cool. Therefore, there is no need to turn on the AC so high during the hotter months.

Folding Patio Doors

If you have the money and wall space to make a big impression, maybe invest in folding patio doors. These doors spread out across the back wall of your home and appear as multiple glass windows sitting side by side, but open accordion style to let in the most air and sunlight while extending the living space. Typically, folding patio doors can have anywhere from 2-8 panels that move along a track.

Generally, accordion style doors are made with glass panels to create the look of windows across the wall. However, they can be made from any material. Some homeowners go the extra mile and have decorative glass installed on some or all of the panels to make for a great statement piece in their living space. If a homeowner wants to keep the design simple while having excellent privacy, they may opt for a frosted look instead.

Swinging and French Patio Doors

Swinging doors are one panel doors that opens by swinging on hinges. Basically, an ordinary door.

A level up version of the basic swinging door are swinging French doors. French doors are two doors side-by-side that swing open from the center to create a wide open entry.

Hinged swinging doors can be made with nearly any material from steel, wood, vinyl, fiber glass, glass and much more. French doors are typically manufactured with great intricate details.

Bottom Line

A patio door can make a great impression for the home. When entertaining guests on a patio party, getting the right patio door for your needs is important. Whether it be a standard swinging door that keeps sunlight out and provides optimal privacy, or an extravagant accordion style folding door that can expand a living space or let in a great amount of natural light; different types of patio doors are designed to best fit the many needs and functions for every homeowner.

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