How Do I Choose a Window Style?

If you still wonder, “how do I choose a window style?” don’t forget to decide in advance the purpose of the window in every room.

Is there a better way to bring the outdoors into your home than through your beautiful windows? The truth is that whether you enjoy the view or not, your exterior windows play an important role in providing you with safety and connecting you with your exterior home.

Choosing House Window Designs

Choosing the right window style is an important decision you have to take at least once. However, as there are several and different house window designs available, this task might be a little difficult. So, if now you wonder, “how do I choose a window style?” continue reading to receive the help you need with the following tips.

How Do I Choose a Window Style
How Do I Choose a Window Style

1. Determine the Windows You Need for Each Application

The right window will be determined by some specific needs. For instance, apartments and older homes popularized awning windows that are top or bottom hinged to let the window open at an angle, while hopper windows that are hinged at the bottom are mainly found over doorways or windows, and need exterior protection to shield from the elements. Also, we need to mention the classic sash window that is found in many homes and can only either move up and down or left to right.

2. Choose the Right Window for the Right Ventilation

The type of window you choose is also determined by your ventilation needs. Keep in mind that fixed windows can’t be opened while operable windows allow you to close them and open them as needed. Because of these differences, most homes have a combination of both types in different rooms.

3. Select Windows to Reflect Your Home’s Style

Your home is unique, and your window aesthetic is important as well. You might wonder then, “how do I choose a window style that matches my home’s architectural design?” Make sure to determine if your home has a traditional Tudor style or a contemporary design. This will help you as an architectural guide you can stick to.

Exterior Windows
Exterior Windows

4. Make Your Windows the Focal Point of the Room

Play up with your interiors! Use different window colors, shapes, and styles that catch your eye as soon as you enter a room. Look for unique designs that make your home look bigger and more beautiful.

5. Add Color to Frames and Mullions

Provide the exterior of your home with color using frames and mullions that match your home’s style and architecture. Look for manufacturers that offer you wood or metal frames with color already infused into the material. On the other hand, if you decide to paint your frames and mullions, make sure to ask an experienced professional to do the job.

6. Refresh Your Home

Don’t only consider renovating your kitchen or your bathroom when you feel it’s time to revitalize your home. Choose the right window installer and replace your old windows too! Furthermore, several jurisdictions give income tax credits for replacing old models with new energy-efficient windows.

7. Choose the Purpose of Your Windows

If you still wonder, “how do I choose a window style?” don’t forget to decide in advance the purpose of the window in every room. As we previously mentioned, the windows' main function is to let light in; however, sliding glass window doors can also work as a doorway to a porch. Determine in advance which rooms will need a view and which will need light into a dark space, like a closet.

House Window Designs
House Window Designs

8. Determine Window Size

While the exterior of your home is important, keep in mind that windows also show the interior of your home. Therefore, make sure to let light in some rooms while taking care of the angles, such as the bathroom. Moreover, be sure to decide if you want different sized and shaped windows to those rooms that are visible in public spaces, so you can determine the right window size for each room in advance.

9. Add Color to Your Window Frames

While picking a color for your home exterior can be quite difficult, look at the other homes in your neighborhood to see which colors are present. Pick a nice trim color and add a great touch to your window aesthetic by using the same color on your window frames. Some homeowners select a field color and two other accent colors; one for the trim and another for doorways, the garage door, and window frames.

10. Determine the Sun Orientation in Advance

Considering how your home sits in relation to the sun rising and setting plays an important role when it comes to choosing the right windows. Not only does your geographical location determine if your home gets extremely cold or hot over the year, but it also could create unwelcome rising sun in your bedroom or too much late day sun in the living room while you watch tv, for instance.

Right Window
Right Window

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