How to Choose Windows

When it comes to windows, installing new ones can help reduce your energy bills, and brighten up the whole space. Fortunately, replacing old windows can be a re

When it comes to windows, installing new ones can help reduce your energy bills, and brighten up the whole space. Fortunately, replacing old windows can be a relatively simple task. However, the first and most important thing that you need to do is determine the right replacement window for your home. If you don’t know where to start, then keep reading to learn some useful tips on how to choose windows.

How to Choose Windows

Before installing windows, it’s important to determine the best choice for your home. For example, if you live somewhere really hot/cold, insulation is going to be a top factor for you. Below are some of the most factors to consider when choosing windows for your home.

1. Choose a Window Material

Replacement windows are available in many material options, including vinyl, aluminum, and wood. The most common choice for window frames is vinyl in all types of climates. When it comes to wood windows, they require frequent maintenance to stay up to date. Vinyl or aluminum shells are mostly used in new structures because they tend to be durable and allow for flexible installation options. Also, they provide a wide range of colors and don’t need to be maintained as often as wood. The only drawback wood is that it’s more expensive to purchase and maintain.

2. Choose a Window Glass

The option on the glass will depend on where your home is located. Single-pane glass is now outdated, and only used in very mild climates. Double-pane windows, on the other hand, feature a sealed air space among the glass layers to reduce the loss of heat and improve insulating ability. If you are living in a cold region, then a triple-pane window might be a good idea because it is sealed with a blend of krypton and argon gases. As a result, it can save your heating bills and ensure great insulation. Also, double and triple-pane units help reduce noise, making them great options for urban areas.

3. Choose a Window Design

In addition to practical aspects, a window should also add a touch of beauty and elegance to your home. For example, you can choose a model with active transoms which can open and provide access for fresh air. In addition, it can create more depth to ensure the window looks more appealing on the wall.

4. Choose the Installation Process

No matter what type of windows you purchase, proper installation is important to ensure their performance is up to par. In general, some methods are more efficient than others. Thus, consider your condition and make a good decision. Some common options to consider include:

– Double-hung Windows

These are conventional windows in many houses, which are especially common in pre-war structures. Their bottom areas tend to slide up to allow the unit to open. However, the possibility of air intrusion makes it a bad option for regions with extreme climates.

– Casement Windows

These options are popular in windy climates. However, they need regular maintenance on seals and hinges to ensure efficiency and stability.

– Sliding Windows

With sliding windows, there is an operating window that slides over the other window on a track. Sliding windows are typically used in bedrooms and common areas. With double sliding windows, there are two tracks, so both windows can slide left to right.

– Picture Windows

These windows often don’t open and are available in many sizes and shapes. To ensure efficiency, you need to determine the right choice for gas-filled interiors and glass.


You should now know how to choose windows for your home. The key to choosing the right replacement window for your home is to determine your budget, design, needs, and the functions of this part. Window purchases can be a significant commitment and investment. Whether you plan to install windows in a new home, or are replacing old ones, our team here at Affordable Windows Exteriors is ready to take care of all your window needs.

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