How to Prepare for a Window Installation

You’ve decided to install new windows and everything seems to be coming together nice and quick. Choosing the right style of windows can be tough and chances are, you’ve done plenty of research to select windows that will best suit your needs. While professional installers will carry out the entire installation, there are a few things you can do to best prepare the installation area before they come. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a window installation.

How to Prepare for a Window Installation

Don’t know how to prepare for a window installation? You’ll simply have to clear a path for the installers, remove any existing window treatments and some other preparations.

Clear a Path

Window installers will likely walk in and out of your home from one room to another carrying tools and other materials necessary for the installation. For safety reasons, be sure to have an unobstructed path. You don’t need to get rid of everything, but just ensure they have easy access by clearing the way. Move obstacles such as furniture that might block the path. You’ll also want to remove things from outside your premises such as lawn decorations, patio furniture and fragile items so they don’t get accidentally trampled.

Remove Window Treatments

Next, spare some time to take down sheers, blinds, curtains and any other type of window treatment. You will need to remove trimmings, hardware and interior shutters. All these things will get in the way and the last thing you need is for installers to waste more time taking down these window treatments. Minimize accidents by removing pictures and wall hangings near the windows.

Put Down Dust Covers

Window installations can get dirty. As such, be sure to talk to your window installer beforehand to get details on what they plan to cover so you decide what you should cover on your own. Most contractors will put down drop cloths, but there’s no harm in making sure your home stays tidy. Take the necessary precautions and cover furniture with fabric or plastic near the windows.

Conserve Energy

You can’t completely eliminate heating and cooling losses during the window installation. However, a professional and courteous installation team will take the weather and your home into consideration during the process and will proceed to remove only one window at a time, and install the new replacement window before moving on and replacing the next old window. This method will lessen the amount of heat and cool air from escaping your home.

Give Them Access

It’s best to schedule time off from work or school so that you’re there when the installation team arrives. If you can’t be present, make arrangements to have a friend, relative or neighbour let the installers in. If you have an alarm system, contact your provider so they can disable the door and window alarms until the window installation is complete.

Bottom Line

Installing new windows is a huge investment. This is especially true if you want to update the aesthetics, increase the value of your home and cut down on energy expenses.

Once you know how to prepare for a window installation, the installer will have easier access to the windows and facilitate a seamless installation process. Making preparations may take some time but the efforts will be worth it when you install the windows you choose and love. Preparations will not only help the crew but also reduce the risk of accidents and cut down on installation time.

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