Triple Pane Windows vs Double Pane | Cost & Comparison

Triple pane vs double pane window cost & comparison. Learn the difference to make the right choice on triple and double pane windows.

If your home has double pane windows, you’ve likely thought about updating. But are triple pane windows worth it? If you look at triple pane windows vs double pane, what are the relative costs and how do the options compare?

Let’s take a look at the core benefits of triple pane windows and unpack the pros and cons of your window decision.

Triple Pane vs Double Pane Window Comparison

What Are Double Pane Windows?

Double pane windows were manufactured and installed in North American homes for decades. They were seen as cutting-edge technology, at the time, and they are still available on the market today.

Although it might seem cheaper and easier to leave double pane windows alone until they break or malfunction, they have significant energy inefficiencies.  An early replacement decision is sometimes a wise financial choice.

Double pane windows are manufactured with two glass sheets, with interior spacers keeping the glass a standard distance apart.

In extremely old buildings, double pane windows may have been installed to replace inferior single pane glass. With a useful life of 8 – 20 years, double pane windows were seen as a good investment in your property’s value and they promised lower energy bills.

What are Triple Pane Windows?

A triple pane window is similar to double pane construction, except it has three sheets of glass instead of two. During the manufacturing design process, triple pane windows use air or gas filled pockets between each pane for strength and stability, energy efficiency, and sound protection. The extra layer of glass protection means double pane vs triple pane window noise reduction assessments clearly indicate triple pane is the superior choice.

Both double and triple pane windows are subject to moisture problems if the window frame’s seal is broken and water particles get in-between the glass panes. If your home’s windows have ugly condensation between the glass, it’s time to replace them.

Triple Pane vs Double Pane — Cost & Comparison

Let’s look at the differences between the two window construction styles:

Triple Pane Windows vs Double Pane

Although the decision whether to replace double pane windows with triple pane is up to the individual homeowner, it’s clear there are advantages to a best-in-class triple pane choice. However, if your budget is limited or your double pane windows are under 5 years old, it may be wise to wait before replacing your existing double pane windows.

Cost and comparisons between triple pane windows vs double pane windows indicate that although double pane windows are sufficient, triple pane windows are superior. Depending on home resale potential, regional climate, and the desire to improve residential energy efficiency, each homeowner can make an informed choice for their home’s window needs.

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