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Entry Doors in Phoenix

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your home? We can help you! 

The most dramatic way to change the look of your home is with a brand new and beautifully crafted front door or entry door! Affordable Windows has thousands of entry doors to choose from. We furnish and install low maintenance and energy efficient doors. Together with our trusted partner, Therma-Tru, we have a door for everyone’s personal style and budget. The entry door is the gateway into your home and can be one of the main focal points to visitors. Contact us for one of our factory trained experts to help you decide what materials and style doors are best for your home!


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Types of Entry Doors in Mesa

Deciding on the best materials can be a challenging task for Arizona homeowners. What materials should be used for our harsh desert climate? Let’s examine each! 

Fiberglass- Fiberglass entry doors are extremely durable, attractive and energy-efficient for Arizona. In fact, most new home developers primarily use fiberglass doors on their new home developments. These doors have the options to come in a nice, smooth finish, or even a wood grain textured appearance. Fiberglass doors can be painted very easily, or stained to look so realistic, your friends and family won’t be able to tell if it’s real wood or not!  A big advantage of fiberglass doors is that they require very little maintenance. It is also impervious to rot, mold, termites and most importantly, our intense Arizona sun. 

Steel – When safety, durability, and budget are your top priority, then a steel entry door might be the right choice for you. Although the doors are made up of steel, the doors still contain energy efficient properties. This is achieved because the interior and exterior skins of the door are independent from each other, simply meaning the heat from outside will not be able to transfer to the interior skin of the door. A steel door is also fairly easy to paint so you are still able to add your own personal touch! 

Wood- Throughout the rest of the country, wood doors are the most popular choice; however, these doors are not recommended for Arizona. The two main reasons we do not recommend a wood door in our region is because of our intense sunshine and extremely low humidity. With such a low humidity, wood doors tend to warp quite easily. In Arizona, the lack of humidity in the air causes wood to dry out prematurely, as all wood needs moisture to survive. These doors also require annual maintenance including re-painted and re-staining. 

Iron- These have long been a standard in high-end custom homes throughout Arizona. While beautiful, these doors have some serious disadvantages. First and most importantly, these iron doors tend to be very expensive and extremely heavy. These doors are also not energy efficient and are prone to rusting. 

Glass-  Glass inserts can be installed into any of the door types listed above. With a wide variety of options, textures and caming, you are bound to find the perfect fit for your style of home!  

How do you choose the right door?

Here are some great questions to ask yourself.

  1. Is your front door exposed to the weather? 
  2. Do you want or need glass in your door?
  3. Does your HOA have any restrictions on door styles?
  4. How important is security? 
  5. With thousands of doors to select from, do you have a budget in mind? 
  6. What is wrong with your current door?
  7. What is it that you would like out of your new door?

Affordable Windows is here to help! Remember, your entry door is the first thing most people notice and can make a lasting impression!

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Advantages & Benefits of a New Entry Door

Increase your home valueReplacing your front door is one of the most cost-effective home improvements that homeowners can make. In fact, studies show an average of 97% return on your investment.

Pride of OwnershipWith increased curb appeal from a gorgeous new entry door, homeowners tend to feel better yielding countless benefits including overall happiness.

Energy EfficiencyA properly installed entry door will help seal up your home’s envelope, thus reducing your overall electric bills.

SecurityMany people tend to choose a steel door for added security, however, this is an incorrect assumption. While steel is stronger than fiberglass or wood, the attention to security should be focused on the jambs and installation technique. Affordable Windows always goes a step further than minimum code and places thick, steel reinforcements on the back side of the jamb, at the strike plate. This is highly recommended. 

Reduce the Outside Noise An added bonus to a new entry door that most home owners overlook but are happily surprised from, is that a new door keeps the outside noise to a minimum! 

WarrantyAs with all of Affordable Windows recommended products, all of our doors installed by our expert tradesman come standard with a lifetime warranty! 

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Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors?

We pride ourselves on our installation services, customer service and product knowledge. We cater to our clients needs and we are happy to help clients choose the best door material and styles for their homes. With over a thousand door installations across the valley and a continuously growing reputation in the industry, we are able to provide great prices to Arizona residents with some of the best doors for our climate. 

Our Most Popular Option: Fiberglass

Here at Affordable Windows, we have installed thousands of entry doors and front doors for Arizona homeowners and we have found that the majority of our clients have purchased the Fiberglass ( Fiber-classic ) model door, nine out of ten times. It is built from material that will not rust nor dent, and is a great option for Arizona’s weather. Fiberglass doors have up to 4 times more insulations value than a solid core, wood door. Our fiber classic, wood grain option gives an authentic wood appearance, so you can have the look of real wood and the wonderful benefits of the fiberglass door, all in one! Our doors come in single slab, or double slab and can operate any way your heart desires. These custom doors are preferred and highly recommended! 

Other great features we offer for your door:  
Slide lights
Vented side lights 
Multi point locking systems
Multiple hardware color options
Composite door jambs
Ball bearing hinges
Factory Finished Doors (Painted or Stained ) 
Handicapped Thresholds 
Internal blinds 
Thousands of glass style options
Multiple caming finish options
Wrought Iron Accents for glass
Stained Glass and Privacy Glass
Single Hung Window in Door

Five Stars

“Affordable windows did such a great job installing new doors and windows in a timely manner.  The quality is impressive for such a reasonable price, and the windows and doors really reduced quality of life inside the home, in terms of aesthetics, energy savings, and noise reduction! I was very satisfied in every way.”

-Karen M. (Yelp Reviewer)

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