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Frequently Asked

Quality Windows / Expert Workmanship

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Q: Do you offer payment options?
A: We offer check, cash and most major credit cards for your convenience. Financing is also an option through Affordable Windows.

Q: How do I check out Affordable Windows?
A: Try the Better Business Bureau for starters. Almost 1,500 installations per year and we have maintained an A+ Rating.  Also, we have excellent marks & reviews on Angie’s List and Yelp. Ask our office staff for more info!

Q: Does Affordable Windows have a showroom where I can see the product?
A: Our main office in Gilbert had working window and door models available for walk-in clients to view!

Q: Do you have Liability & Worker Comp Insurance?
A: Yes, we carry full General Liability and Worker Compensation Insurance. 

Q: Are you listed on BBB?
A: Yes we are !

Q: Are you a Houzz Member?
A: Yes, we have won the Best of Houzz 2018 award

Q: Do you offer free estimates?
A: Yes, we have qualified door and window professionals who will assess your project carefully and offer options that fit your style and budget.

Q: Why do you offer several brands and materials
A: We only carry brands that pass our rigorous inspections and meet our strict warranty requirements. We offer different brands of windows and doors, so we can offer the correct solution for your home.

Q: How long do I have to wait for my new windows/door?
A: We do our absolute best to complete your project within 4-6 weeks, depending on the time of year!

Q: Will Affordable Windows stain or paint my windows & doors interiors after install?
A: Actually, we prefer to “factory finish” even before installation. Everything is installed complete and we even fill nail holes and any touch-ups.

Q: Is vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass best for my home?
A: Our consultant will make the best recommendation based upon your needs, budget & tastes.

Q: Do I need custom sized windows or doors?
A: There is never an opening built EXACTLY the same, and this is why Affordable Windows offers custom build windows and door. We measure to the very 1/8” to ensure an air tight fit, to eliminate air and dust infiltration.

Service/maintenance FAQ

Q: Who do I call if there is a service issue?
A: Affordable Windows has a service department available for any concerns you might have. If a house call is needed, we will schedule a convenient time with one of our service professionals.

Q: What causes condensation?
A: There are 2 types of condensation interior and exterior. Exterior condensation usually occurs in the warmer months and interior condensation in the winter months. Interior condensation is most often caused by extreme cold outside and excess moisture present inside the home. There are measures that can be taken to reduce interior condensation. Click here for our condensation brochure.

Q: When will I have to re-stain or do a new clear coat on my new door?
A: Severe sun exposure may require top-coat maintenance on stained door exteriors every few years. 

Q: How should I clean my door and/or windows when they get dirty?
A: Consult your owner’s manual for specific manufacturer’s instructions. Mild soap and water usually works well for exteriors. 

Q: How do you replace the sash on an awning window?
A: Please click here for information 

 Q: How do you clean and operate a double-hung window?
A: Please click here for the information

Q: How do you fix a double-hung window that won’t lock?
A: Please click here for the information.

Installation FAQ

Q: Does Affordable Windows protect my floors & belongings?
A: Our factory authorized installers will use drop cloths & runners to protect the floors. Customers may want to cover furniture with bed sheets for dust protection.

Q: Does the customer need to provide a dumpster?
A: No, Affordable Windows will remove the old product from the property and all job related debris. We even shop vacuum & sweep.

Q: What type of insulation does Affordable Windows use?
A: We use low expansion foam.

Q: Will my window treatments work as is?
A: Your Affordable Windows sales consultant will be able to answer that best when they are in the home. Each application is different.

Q: Will I still need my sunscreens on the outside of my house?
A: Absolutely not. The technology in our glass prevents unwanted heat gain from entering your home in the summer time, and prevents heat loss during the winter time.

Q: Will I need to repaint?
A: Almost every application is different and your sales consultant will make sure to address this during their visit to your home.

Q: Will my home be a mess during installation?
A: No, We install one window at a time and we clean as we go, to keep a clean and tidy job site. Our installers will use your driveway or garage for all saw work. We will even sweep the driveway upon completion. Dust is kept to a minimum on the inside of your home. And we use tarps on the flooring and surrounding furniture as needed

Q: Do I need to take off work for installation?
A: Some doors or windows can be installed in as little as 4 hours, but it usually takes most of the day. An entire house of windows can take from 2-4 days on average or more for over 15 windows. Affordable Windows attempts to make the installation process easy.

Q: Does Affordable Windows deliver the windows to me before install?
A: Affordable Windows stores all products in our warehouse until the day of install. No need for you to take up valuable garage space.

Warranty FAQ

Q: Is there a manufacturer’s warranty?
A: Yes, each manufacturer offers its own product warranties. We can answer any warranty questions you may have about different brands.  (Click here for warranty page)

Q: What is the labor Warranty?
A: The Labor warranty is 2 years from date of installation.

Tax/ Rebate FAQ

Q: Are there any Tax rebates available for door and window replacement?

Energy efficiency FAQ

Q: What is insulated glass?
A: Insulated glass consists of at least 2 layers of glass with an air space between.

Q: What does Low E mean?
A: Low E is a metallic coating on the inside glass surface to reflect or absorb the sun’s warmth and reduce damaging UV rays. Offers enhanced U factor and solar heat gain coefficient.

Q: What is Argon gas?
A: Argon is an odorless, colorless, non-toxic, inert gas that can be used instead of air between panes of glass to increase insulation and energy efficiency.

Q: What is U-value?
A: This measures the rate of heat loss and how well a product insulates. The lower the number, the better a product is at keeping heat inside a building. The U factor is key in winter months, and important to consider in choosing a window.

Q: What is Solar Heat Gain
A: This measures how well a product blocks heat from the sun. The lower the number the better.

Q: What is R-Value
A: This measures resistance to heat loss. Many people are familiar with R value because of its use in home insulation, but actually, for windows and doors, U factor and solar heat gain coefficient are more important measures.

Q: What is Energy Star?
A: Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Dept. of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practice


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