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About Geometric Windows in Gilbert

Geometric and specialty windows are the epitome for the character in your home. They add to the appeal and attractiveness of your home. Even a small half-round window makes a huge statement on your home.

Geometric windows add a special style and touch on modern homes. It also works perfectly with historic homes that have uniquely shaped windows. As a homeowner, you can use these windows as a standalone focal point or with other windows. You can add these windows to foyers, nooks, and hallways for extra visual interest.


About Geometric Windows in Phoenix

As the property owner, you can select the size, shape, and configurations to conform to your home’s personality and points of interest. Here are the main design shapes to do with these geometric windows:

· Circle top
· Full circle
· Eyebrow
· Circle top with extended legs
· Eyebrow with extended legs
· Trapezoid
· Octagon
· Pentagon
· Triangle
· Quarter round


Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors?

No matter the geometric window style that you choose to use, we have you covered on installation. Having them professional installed helps maximize the lifespan and performance of your new windows now, and for years to come. Call Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors for a quote today.

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