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Window Contractor – Mesa, Arizona

There are several window companies serving the Mesa area but only Affordable Windows offers everything you need. We offer unparallel service, including products from leading manufactures, installations by certified and supervised installers, and a level of customer service not typically found in an Arizona contractor.

  • Windows from top manufacturers – We have partnered with Simonton Windows and Doors, Amerimax Windows and Anlin Windows. Only these three manufacturers have passed our stringent vetting process.

  • Doors from top manufacturers – We furnish and install Therma Tru doors and also entry doors from Provia. Each of these have steel and fiberglass door systems, second to none.

  • Installations – All of our installation teams are highly skilled, trained and supervised. The owner of Affordable Windows measures every job before furnishing the windows, to ensure a custom and perfect fit. This sets us apart from all other Mesa window and door companies. We are so confident in our installation department, that every job comes with an extensive labor warranty, which is in addition to our manufacturer’s lifetime warranties.

  • Unparallel Customer Service – Here at Affordable Windows, we hire expert project managers and we have our own dedicated service department. We are available for each Mesa homeowner before, during and after the entire window and door project. This level of services is what differentiates us from other window companies in Mesa and surrounding areas.

Affordable Products

We carry the best products and for the best prices! We will match any competitor’s price guaranteed!

Full Replacement & Upgrades

We offer full window and door replacements and upgrades. We do not replace individual panes of glass.

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1. Energy Efficiency – All our windows have Arizona specific low-emissivity coatings on the glass which reduces the energy transfer ( keeps the outside temperature OUT of the house )

2. Low Maintenance and Durable – All our vinyl frames are fusion welded and engineered to hold up to our desert climate.

3. Increase Curb Appeal – Vinyl replacement windows have a return of investment for Mesa homeowners of 85.1% .

4. Sound Reduction – Everyone wants peace. Our windows with low air infiltration and thick, dense argon gas between the dual pieces of glass, dramatically reduces the unwanted outdoor noise.

5. Increased Security – The durability of our vinyl window frames and reliable locking hardware will give you the safety you demand for your family.

6. Lifetime Warranty – For the most part, all window warranties read the same, but when a warranty or service is actually needed, this is generally when homeowners start questioning if they used the right company for their windows. Our in-house labor warranty, combined with our manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, beats any warranty around! We honor our commitment to provide you with new, updated and top-notch products and installation and we don’t just stop there; we follow up with all of our clients YEARS after their installation, to ensure their products are still working as good as new!

Mesa Window Installation & Replacement

When it comes to windows, there is a variety of different styles, colors, and configurations to choose from and it can be overwhelming to new homeowners that don’t have much information to start off with. If you’re reading this, you’ve found your expert source for window knowledge here at Affordable Windows!

Whether you’re looking for a unique look, a modern style, or even a farmhouse appearance— whatever your desire may be, we have you covered! If you’re style is corky, fun or eye catching, here’s a few window suggestions that might interest you!

Exterior Frame Colors – With our new and improved coating technology, we are able to provide Mesa homeowners with over 8 different window frame color options including red, green, bronze, grey and even blue, to fit their homes specific style!

Grid Patterns - Grid patterns can be added to any of our windows (between the two panes of glass) to give your windows that extra flare of personality. With the ability to custom design any grid patterns, you are bound to find one to fit your desired look!


1. Availability – We make the whole window replacement process as easy and hassle-free as possible! We understand everyone has a busy schedule and we try to take an extra step to cater to our community by offering free in-home estimates. Not only is the consultation for new windows free, but we offer evening appointments and weekends for your convenience!

2. Exceptional Staff Members – All of our staff members have been chosen by the company owner himself to ensure that we are able to provide you with the proper skill, experience, integrity, friendliness, and talent that you need to complete your window and door project. With a high level of expertise, customers, throughout Mesa and the surrounding communities, can get great service and advice from all our representatives.

3. Professional Installers - We pride ourselves with having highly skilled and trained professional installers with years of experience in the field. Our head installers have been with us for over 5+ years and have been in the industry even longer. We conduct weeks of factory and in-house training with any of our new crew members before allowing them to set foot on a customer’s job site. All of our installation teams are not only experts in their field, but also kind and courteous; they make sure everything is properly tarped off and covered, around the openings in which they will be performing the work, in order to eliminate the amount of dust and debris from falling onto your belongings and flooring. Upon completion of the job, they will haul away all leftover materials, vacuum around the work area and clean your brand-new windows and doors for a spotless finish!

4. Detailed Oriented – Each one of our Mesa window and door projects are custom measured by the owner of Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors LLC. Whether it be one patio door or a whole house of windows, Jeff is there to ensure a perfect fit for each window and door replacement for your home.  Not only does he perform the final measurements before ordering your new products, but he also supervises each delivery of windows or doors brought to our warehouse, to ensure each product goes through a stringent quality control check before being delivered and installed in your Mesa residence.

5. Meticulous Design and Engineering – Using modern machinery and the proper design technology, we engineer all components of our products to perform exemplary well in all conditions they are subjected to, especially Arizona. In 2015, Cardinal Glass Industries came out with a new and improved LowE coating, named LowE 340. This glass was developed with Arizona homeowners in mind and is the best option to keep the heat out during our extremely hot summers, and to keep the warmth inside your home during the winter!

6. Many Unique Designs and Features – Our designs are specially tailored according to a client’s individual desire and needs. We know that everyone has their own taste and style preference, and therefore, we have partnered and collaborated with our trusted manufacturers to bring you various window frame colors for the exterior of your home, as well as multiple grid patterns and window configurations!

7. Commitment – We are committed to ensuring that all our customers’ needs are satisfied and that the customer support service is exemplary. We believe that the sole focus of our business is the client and that they deserve nothing but the best from us.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we can serve all different requirements adequately and efficiently. Our customers get affordable windows due to the strong relationship between our company and our window builders. As Arizona’s premier window replacement Mesa AZ company, we offer superb service, along with the best pricing around.

Mesa Window Installation & Replacement

Home window replacement in Mesa, AZ can sometimes feel overwhelming with so many options out there. This is why we have put together a step by step guide for you from start to finish of the window replacement process!

Step 1: Evaluate your windows

If your windows do not slide anymore: it’s time for a replacement!
If you have single pane windows: it’s time for a replacement!
If you can feel the heat coming through your window: it’s time for a replacement!
If water is coming through your window: it’s time for a replacement!

Step 2: Get an idea of your options

After identifying that you need a replacement, you will need to select the style and material that best suits your homes needs. If you’re not familiar with window materials available on the market and what might fit your needs best, jump to step 3!

Step 3: Get a quote

This is where you will begin your search for a reputable window and door replacement company to do the job! When doing your research, we suggest checking reviews and history of the companies you are considering for your Mesa home improvement project. Once you have selected 1- 4 window contractors that service Mesa, give them a call and schedule an in-home estimate to learn about the specific windows they offer and get a price!

Step 3: Order

After receiving a few estimates and finding a product that fits your needs and style, it is then time to place your order! Once the specification of the window and door purchase have been determined, an expert window company will most likely schedule for a final measure confirmation to take place, by their head installation tech or project manager, in order to plan for a proper installation.  You should expect any decent window contractor to have a lead time of approximately 4 – 8 weeks to get the job started, once you place your order!



History and Demographics of Mesa, Arizona

Located in Arizona’s Maricopa County, Mesa is a city in the United States. It is approximately 32 km east of Phoenix and bordered on the west by Tempe. The city dates back to 2,000 years ago when the Hohokam people settled and constructed the first canal system in the area. In the prehistoric new world, these canals were considered as not only the largest, but the most sophisticated around.

The modern-day Mesa city has a population of about 500,000 people of all races constituted as follows; 83.8% white, 3.7% African American, 2.3% Native American, and 2.0% Asians. The region can be said to be both economically and racially diverse with several households.

Arizona’s Hot Weather and its Effects on Windows and Energy Consumption

Mesa, Arizona, experiences some of the harshest environments including low humidity, bright light, and high heat. These conditions greatly affect windows since not all materials can withstand such devastating conditions. Window replacement in Mesa, AZ will require the use of window frames that can sustain hot and dry climates. You also need to understand that the type of frame material chosen will affect function, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. Window Installers in Mesa, AZ, will recommend vinyl windows almost all the time.

Garage Door Window Inserts

Even though we don’t service garage doors or replace garage door window inserts, Arizona’s climate does put a toll on this part of the home. For those dealing with garage door issues, we recommended On Track Mesa Garage Doors for part replacement, repairs, trouble-shooting and maintenance.

Vinyl Windows

Compared to a metal frame or wood frame window, vinyl windows have the following advantages: they resist condensation, require zero maintenance, are more energy efficient, and are not affected by aluminum oxidation. However, the design of your vinyl windows will have a great impact on their lifespan and efficiency. For Arizona windows and door replacement, you will need a company like us with both advanced expertise and years of experience on your side. Vinyl windows in Mesa, AZ are considered to be ideal.


"An amazing experience! The morning of installation they calle dto give me a time they would be to my house, they were right on time. They were methodical as they move from window to window removing the old window and installing the new window. The caulking job was perfect. They left no dust behind as they worked. They even vacuumed the layer of dust that had collected under my bed for the past several years! The crew of Dean and Mason are the very best. I would and have recommended Affordable Windows to others."

– Andrwa R.

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