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About Single Hung Windows in Gilbert

Looking to replace your home windows? Single-hung windows are a common selection with numerous benefits.

Only the bottom half of the window is moveable; the top remains fixed in place. As such, these windows only open vertically-up or down- without taking up any interior space.


Single Hung Windows Phoenix

About Single Hung Windows in Phoenix

Benefits of Single Hung Windows

1. Highly Secure – A single hung window opens in one direction, minimizing the points of failure on the window locking system. With only one lock, you’re less likely to forget locking the door after shutting them for the day.

2. Highly Durable – When buying windows for your home, you want them to last for decades. A single hung window incorporates less moving parts. With this, the chances of wear and tear declines allowing the windows to last longer.

3. Energy Efficient – With a single movement sash, there’s less opportunity for air to infiltrate your house. Installing windows improves your homes energy efficiency. Reason being, newer windows feature improved technology that includes insulation and energy-efficient glass among others. Reducing the amount of air infiltrating your home reduces the energy you need to heat or cool your house. The result is lower cooling and heating costs. With less air, the chances of moisture forming in your house are also reduced thus decreasing the risk of mold, mildew, water rotting, and water damage.

Single Hung Windows Gilbert

Why Choose Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors?

During window installation, we only use quality materials. This helps your windows to withstand intense heat, pressure, cold or impact.

If you want to replace or install a new window, contact Affordable Windows Plus Exteriors for quality services.

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